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I will mostly post about games, anime, music, manga, illustrations and my daily life. Feel free to ask and submit everything.
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'Sup guys

Yesterday I finally saw Spiderman… ALL MY FUCKING FEELS!


Andrew Garfield is perfect as Petter ;A; OMFG I won’t start explaining my love for him in the movie ‘cause that would take some time. Was I the only one laughing when he had to change all his cursing to stupid words? xD Anyway, it was AMAZING, if you haven’t watched it yet:

  1. Fucking run to the movies
  2. Buy a holly ticked
  3. Be amazed

In other news, I already finished Son of Neptune and I can’t wait for Mark of Athena, I mean, greek and roman demigods together kicking asses? Yes please! But I’m worried for Nico, what if he fucking dies?!?!?! image

I also finished Bakemonogatari and Kuragehime they were both amazing and they are highly recommended :)

Anyway, I’ll be staying at my friend’s place so I won’t be here so…

Have a nice Wednesday & Thursday, you are loved


Posted on 11th Jul 2012 at 11:09am
Tagged as #text post #daily life
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