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I will mostly post about games, anime, music, manga, illustrations and my daily life. Feel free to ask and submit everything.
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Video game challenge

Seven videogames: Assassin’s Creed series [1/7]

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by kani

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♥ by: からば子@ついった

**permission to upload this was given by the artist**

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Kyouko: I had a sickening dream. A dream where you were dead. But you’re saying that was real, and that this right here, where we’re fighting side by side, is a dream.

Sayaka: This isn’t something quiet as sad as just a dream. I thought I didn’t have any regrets when I died, but the reason I ended up taking this assignment and coming back, was because I actually have one regret. 

The fact that I left you behind.

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project PC

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I had an idea for another modern style house, but I decided to build it in survival. So I’ve created a new world, which you can’t seem to go wrong with these days, the world always look really great.
I built the base platform (not sure how far it’s gonna go back on land yet), and killed a lot of squid (so i can have black stained glass), then went mining for materials. Found tons of stuff, but it lasted longer than it should’ve because I decided to search for diamonds. I swear I’m super unlucky at finding them. But I did find 9 in total.
Construction has started (ignore the temporary shelter on-site). Not sure whether I like the stone slab roof (or the type of wood) or not, but I’ll probably have a mess around with it in general until I’m happy with it.
Next time I’ll probably go to the nether for quartz, cos that’s nice for building with. Gonna try the bucket method for the first time for the portal. I got a few buckets of lava while mining.

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A quest to reclaim a homeland and slay a dragon

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Touching the Sky — Darkfall Passage

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The World owes us nothing more than this. So take what you will, and then die before you live to see yourself made a Fool.

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